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The resurrection of wild endangered plant: The Buttonbush is ready to bloom in RongXing Garden.

  • Source: Parks & Street Lights Office
  • Date: 2017/6/21
As the fireflies season in RongXing Garden Park quietly ended in early summer, the season of lush aquatic plants follows. Buttonbush trees (Cephalanthus naucleoides DC.), once classified as extremely critical “wild endangered” protected plants, was successfully rehabilitated in RongXing Park. The flower of buttonbush blossomed into snowy spherical shapes, making the trees feeling like it is studded with little hydrangea. Also, it looks like fireworks in the sunny summer day. The flowers are adorable, quite pleasing and compelling.

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  • Updated: 2017/6/21 08:51
  • Reviewed: 2017/6/21 08:51

  • Source: Parks & Street Lights Office