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Youth Park


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Youth Park is located on the west side of the Wanhua District of Taipei City and is surrounded by Guoxing Road on the east, Qingnian Road on the west, Shuiyuan Road on the south and Guanqian Road on the north. The park covers an area of 24.44 hectares, and it is classified as a "synthetic open park" of the Taipei metropolitan area. The site of the park was first developed during the Japanese occupation period. It was a military training site at beginning and later was converted into an airport. Since it was located in the south of the city and corresponded to Sungshan Airport in the north, it was also called the South Airport. In 1953, the Taipei Golf Club was founded here, and on March 29, 1974, Taipei City Government took over the court and renamed it Youth Park. The park was completely constructed in September 1977.

At the main entrance of the park, monkey puzzle trees were planted along both sides of the park road. The flowerbeds near the main entrance that were planted with many bright and beautiful flowers such as Impatiens balsamina, Celosia cristata, Salvia splendens, Cuphea hyssopifolia, Duranta repens, etc. are presented in a radiation shape. At flowerbeds' back, shrubs such as azaleas, dracaena, Codiaeum variegatum, Podocarpus macrophyllus, Ixora chinensis, etc. were planted, providing people a feeling of flowers everywhere after entering the park.

The center of the park is a big lawn. Around the lawn, banyan trees were planted in an opposite balance to form a dense green-leaf tunnel and make it look like filled with green trees from a far distance. There are 4 pavilions dotted in the wood. Beside the lawn area, Araucaria cunninghamii were extensively planted to form a needle-leaf tree wood where many citizens take exercise in the morning. Behind the lawn area, a waterway connects to the 9-curve bridge at the NE side of the park. Willows planted along both sides of the waterway and fountains in the pools that are connected with the waterway make the environment more scenic. Furthermore, maple trees were planted on the east side of the baseball field in the park. The maple trees have grown up and formed a maple forest. Each leaf falling season, maple leaves are falling like rain forming a special winter scene in the park. In addition, surrounding the park, azaleas were planted. During the blooming season, bright colors of flowers are eye-catching and add more beauty to the park.

The Youth Park also offers diversified facilities. The sports facilities with tickets for sales include 1 golf court next to Guoxing Road, 7 swimming pools next to Shuiyuan Road, 7 tennis courts on the south side of the Park Inside the swimming pool building, There are exercise room, billiard room, table tennis room, etc. The free sports recreation facilities include 4 basketball courts, 4 badminton courts, 1 baseball field, 1 skating rink, 2 tennis drill walls, 1 outdoor sports field, and a number of other smaller exercise facilities are set up everywhere in the park. In addition, the park also has social education service facilities such as a pot plant building, a reading room, a video/audio classroom, an outdoor amphitheater, and a resident police office, etc. In order to facilitate the handicapped citizens to enjoy the recreational facility in the park, the first domestic site for the handicapped people- "Love Square" which is next to the intersection of Youth Road and Guoxing Road was built as an activity, resort and rehabilitation site for the handicapped users. All of these features make the park a masterpiece among the large parks in Taipei City.

Location:Wanhua District, Shuiyuan Rd. #199
Transportation:Bus 0 West, 12, 30, 212, 223, 249, 250, 253, 281, 630
Administering Dept.:Youth Park Administration Tel.:2303-2451

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