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Parks and Street Lights Office


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Retain old facilities to renew Shi Pai Park2018-06-30
2Succulent plant exhibition at the flower Center begins today2018-05-30
3This Summer Gardening Class - Taipei City Greening Course Open Registration2018-04-30
4we inviting you to join us to protect the fireflies2018-03-30
52018 Yangmingshan flower season begins on 22 February.2018-02-27
62018 Taipei Camellia Show: Celebrating the Beauty of Camellia2018-01-22
7Moving forward Taipei Building ecological park2017-12-27
8Exemplary conglomerates adopt the parks in Taipei City to assist in the care and maintenance2017-10-25
9Project Woodpecker starts, establishing an initial diagnosis system for tree conservation2017-09-22
10Turning concrete rooftop into vegetable garden--Songde Branch of the Taipei City Hospital became the green rooftop benchmark of the hospitals in Taipei City2017-08-28
11Depicting the sense of green in the heart-Landscape green park set the aspiration of the people2017-07-20
12The resurrection of wild endangered plant: The Buttonbush is ready to bloom in RongXing Garden.2017-06-21
13Japanese tree doctor comes to diagnose and trim the trees to make them healthier in Daan Forest Park2017-05-22
14The Rose Garden of The Shilin Main Presidential Residence Smiles again.2017-01-25
15In the Name of the Flower-- Min-Zhao Village Built the Marvelous Margaret Garden2016-12-26
16Happy to do good thing - Rise of the Neighborhood Park Adoption Rate2016-11-30
17A Multi-purpose Vegetable Garden is building in Dexing Village2016-10-21
18A Stress Relieving Spot in Downtown - Taipei City Hall Square2016-09-26
19Children with Disabilities are Invited to Experience the Inclusive Playground First Launched in Rongxing Park.2016-08-16
20Outdoor Shows of Taipei Children’s Arts Festival Held in Daan Park2016-07-25