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228 Peace Park

taipei 228 memorial museum



228 Peace Park covers an area of 71,520 square meters. It is bordered on the east side by Gongyuan Rd. and on the west side by Huaining St. The park was constructed in 1899 - during the first year of the Japanese occupation. It was originally named Taipei New Park, but was renamed “228 Peace Park” on February 28, 1995 to commemorate one of the most brutal events in Taiwan’s history.

Because 228 Peace Park is near the Taipei Main Railway Station and one of the most important commercial region of Taipei, providing one-day educational trip and a relaxing place for workers is the aims of the park. Luscious greenery, shade trees, fish ponds, pavilions, and a pagoda constructed in the middle of a pond are offered for relaxation. The park also has a children’s playground, statues, sculptures, and a majestic monument which memorializes the victims of February 28, 1947. Free musical performances are held frequently at the outdoor amphitheater. There are also remains of historical artifacts such as a radio broadcast tower, 2 bronze buffaloes, 2 old steam locomotives (one bought from Germany and the other given by the Japanese in 1800s) and the “virtuous memorial arch” dedicated to the city by Wang Shichen.

There are 2 museums within the park. One is the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum and the other is National Taiwan Museum. Both are good educational places for citizens. The National Taiwan Museum which is near the Guanqian Rd. park entrance was constructed in 1913. The museum exhibits paintings, photography, and other artistic creations frequently.

Location:Zhongzheng District, Kaidagelan Blvd. #3
Transportation:Bus 0 West, 0 East, 3, 15, 18, 20, 22, 220, 222, 236, 237, 241, 243, 244, 245, 247, 249, 251, 257, 263, 276, 287, 513, 605, 621, 651
Administering Dept.:Youth Park Administration Tel.: 2303-2451

bell of peace stone monument