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Jiancheng Park

a nice corner for relaxation

children's playground

basketball court

Jiancheng Park in Datong District is located at the corner of Chengde Rd. and Nanjing W. Rd.. The west side is bordered by Rixin Elementary School and the Yuanhuan Night Market. Built in 1981, the park covers an area of 10,640 square meters.

The park includes basketball courts, skating rinks, and children's playgrounds. The northwest corner of the park is reserved for youth activities. The southern plaza (approximately 100 square meters) is for local residents to play badminton, practice dance and other activities. There are two pavilions on either side of the southwestern entrance, and public restrooms are located in the southwest corner. The central plaza contains a sculpture called "Group Strength," erected beneath a large flame tree which blooms with brilliant red flowers every year between June and August, adding a flaming radiance to the beautiful scenery. Additionally, all kinds of flowers were planted throughout the park, and multitudes of attractive trees and shrubs also add to the atmosphere. Local residents enjoy the park as a prime spot to practice Taiji and other traditional Chinese martial arts or dances. Because it is located right in the middle of a busy commercial district, the striking contrast of this peaceful, quiet park with the rest of the scenery offers local residents a perfect place to retire from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Location:Datong District, Chengde Rd.
Transportation:Bus 26, 266, 292, 300
Administering Dept.:Yuanshan Park Administration Tel.:2598-3024