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Xinsheng Park Area of Taipei Expo Park

flower garden

pavilion of dreams

flower garden

Taipei Expo Park Xinsheng Park Area, located at No. 105, Sec. 3 Xingsheng North Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei city, was established in 1978; with its area of 19.5 hectares full of flowers and trees. It was one of the four exhibition regions of 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo.

There are many kinds of facilities with rich functions in Xinsheng Park Area, including the Xinsheng Heated Swimming Pool that suits all seasons for swimmers, the baseball field that is used for holding various sizes of the games; the maze garden that is popular among children, and the green building kept after the Expo, "Pavilion of Future", “Angel Life Pavilion”, and the most popular one during the Expo, the "Pavilion of Dreams", etc; there are badminton courts as well. Furthermore, there are numerous groups that find their own appropriate space and activities to exercise every morning and evening. In addition to the facilities for various activities, the western garden views of Serenity Garden are completely kept after the Taipei Expo in Xinsheng Park Area, as well as the Flower Landscape area.

There are various types of trees in the park: banyans with complete and beautiful canopies, tall and upstanding araucarias; garcinias scattering in the central axis, poicianas with charming flowers, Taiwanese goldrain trees; bauhinia, coral bean trees; wax trees, kapoks; hazel sterculias with the most distinctive flowers and fruits, Indian dillenias, and other countless types of treasurable plants. Moreover, there are more than ten sculptures of different sizes placed in every corner of the park, such as "Daddy's Words" and others, are all worthy of visiting for the public, experiencing the new Xinsheng Park Area of Taipei Expo Park.

Location:No.105, Sec. 3, Xingsheng North Road., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Administering Dept.:Yuanshan Park Management Division Tel.: 2585-1430