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Fine Arts Museum Area of Taipei Expo Park

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Fine Arts Museum Area of Taipei Expo Park is located on the eastern side of Section 3, Zhongshan Road in Taipei City and the southern side of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The area is about 5.5 hectares and was established in 1975, which was one of the four exhibiting areas of the 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo. The Fine Arts Museum Area included the Global Garden Area, the EXPO Hall, the Pavilion of Aroma Flowers, and so on. The Global Garden Area is actually the site for the AIPH international competition of outdoor gardening, which allows tourists to enjoy views of the gardens of various cities in the world. As to the EXPO Hall, which obtains a shape of a butterfly pupa, is in fact the location for the Expo Awards Ceremony and for art and cultural performing activities. Meanwhile, the Pavilion of Aroma Flowers with the image of six flower petals stacked interlaced is the biggest souvenirs shop in the Taipei Expo. The Fine Art Museum Area continues the beautification done in the 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo; the EXPO Hall now became a cultural venue, providing a place for government departments and civil societies as a lease; the Pavilion of Aroma Flowers is responsible for selling souvenirs relevant to aboriginals as well as the meals; and the Universal Gardens were rebuilt through recycling used materials to the landscape that representing three major continents, including the Southeast Asia Park, the Japanese Park, the American Park, the European Park and the Taiwan Park. The Singaporean Zone is completely kept in the "Southeast Asia Park", which presents plants in Southeast Asia, such as coconut palms, bauhinias, spider lilies, etc.; and in "Japanese Park", the traditional Japanese garden designs use the sand as the "water" while stones as the "mountain"; such a dry landscape garden forms a complete presentation with a kiosk and a bamboo wall. The impression of quiet and simple Zen is constructed with planted pines, rhododendrons and Japanese Ternstroemias. As to the "American Zone", the representative flower of America and commonly seen American trees are planted, including magnolias, cactuses, sweet gums and bald pines, etc.; for the "European Park", both the Dutch and the British Pavilions are kept completely, having wooden shelves for wisterias and other climbing plants; on the other hand, commonly found European blooming flowers and herbs are grown. In the "Taiwanese Park", the major image of Taiwanese bamboo weaving and green bamboos are kept, adopting native plants of Taiwan with different color changes with seasonal variations. The new look of the Taipei Expo Park— the Fine Arts Museum Area, is looking forward for your visit again.


Location:The eastern side of Section 3, Zhongshan Road in Taipei City and the southern side of Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Administering Dept.:Yuanshan Park Management Division Tel.: 2585-1430