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Xinglong Park

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Xinglong Park, in Wenshan District, covers 14,610 sq. m. of land adjacent to Xinglong Rd. Sec. 2, Lane 220, in the area that is commonly referred to as Jingmei. Not only that's the largest park within said area in the Wenshan District but also surrounded by traditional commercial districts, grocery stores, barber shops, butane shops, etc.. Schools nearby include Xinglong Middle School, Xinglong and Xingde primary School. The Park was constructed in 1975. The borders of the park are made of low cement walls separating the park properly from the sidewalks. In the center of the park is a lake called Guanjing Lake. The edges of the lake resemble ancient Chinese style materials. The lake is surrounded by tightly woven weeping willows, providing abundant shade for people sitting around doing whatever they like once they sit around the lake in the middle of park. There is also an artificial hill, a fountain, a walking route around the lake, a bridge across the center of the lake for pass over, and lots of beautiful scenery to look at in case you are inclined to. Due to the said beautiful scenery, many engaged couples come not only to take wedding photos for themselves but also try to save as memorabilia. Thus after they got married, these photos could remind them what they looked like in fancy clothes and makeup. In the northeastern corner of the lake, there is also a long corridor completely covered in vines through which to walk, creating a cool and green pathway for a relaxing stroll in the park. During the flowering season, the whole scene is covered in brilliant flower colors, somewhat resembling a child's painting if you stretch your imagination. The northern entrance contains a children's playground, and includes a skating rink, slides, hobby horses, and two pavilions in which you can relax. Also found here are an exercise trail and badminton grounds. Children from the nearby kindergartens can often be seen here playing with their parents. The park contains a wide variety of trees including banyans, myrtles, maples, redbud, cherry, coconut and fig trees.

Location:Wenshan District, #154 Xinglong Rd. Sec. 2,
Transportation:public utility bus(pub) 236, 237, 253
Administering Dept.:Nangang Park Administration service line:2785-3819