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Xinsheng Park

headquarters and plaza

stone statues

meadow and big trees

The Xinsheng Park is located at #105 Xinsheng N. Rd., around Minquan E. Rd. between Xinsheng N. Rd. Sec. 3 and Binjiang St. The Xinsheng Park was developed in 1978, and the park consists of 19.5 hectares just under the flight path of Songshan Airport. Therefore visitors often see low-flying aircrafts over the park. The park includes warm-water swimming pool, tennis courts, children's playgrounds, a baseball field and basketball courts. Designed to be a relaxing place for reading, the park is a great place for city dwellers to come and relax, exercise or just kick back and read a book. Widened park avenue became popular with young people indulged in skateboarding on weekends and holidays, and the colorful plants and flowers in the park fill the scene with the feeling of spring. All of the plants and bushes were planted and taken care of by the Yuanshan Park Administration, brought in from the Minzu nursery where they were raised from seeds or bulbs. The nursery produces about 100,000 plants annually for placement in parks, with of varieties ranging from African balsam to scarlet sage to chrysanthemums, maidenhair, crab apples, cherry trees, amaranths, jonquils, and many others. The luxuriant foliage changes with the four seasons of the year, and provides a beautiful, relaxing experience for all visitors. There are nine sculptures scattered around the lush greens, and they are named as "Leisure Years" , "Auspicious Earth" , "Flock of Cranes", "Hope" , "Prosperity" , "Friendship and Peace" , "Father's Words" , "The Alignment of Spring" and "Unified" .The sculptures are donated by the Taipei Lions Club and the Rotary Club.


Location:Zhongshan District, #105 Xinsheng S. Rd. Sec. 3 (between Minzu E. Rd. and Songjiang Rd.)
Transportation:public utility bus(pub) 5, 33, 72, 74, 222, 279, 286, 505, 642,etc Leisure Bus 115
Administering Dept.:Yuanshan Park Administration service line:2598-3024