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Meilun Park

rockscape and astronomical observatory


arcade around the plaza

Located at the corner of Jihe Rd. and Meilun St. in Shilin, Meilun Park is centrally located for residents of Shilin, Tianmu and Beitou to visit conveniently. The park was constructed in 1994, and covers an area of approximately 6 hectares. The private Xinguang Hospital is located nearby, as is the Shilin District Administration Building and the Taipei Astronomical Science Education Center.

The park was designed by Landscaping Association, Republic of China. The design is based on the concept of creating a multi-function leisure space for children, the elderly, and young people of the city. With wide activity spaces and its location directly adjacent to the astronomical observatory, the first thing that meets the eye is an attractive fountain with “Meilun Park” written in stone in Chinese. The fountain design resembles that of a traditional Chinese scenery painting, and brings an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to the natural settings.

To the left side of the fountain is a broad expanse of green grass, where children and teenagers can often be seen playing ball and flying kites, and others may be found simply lounging on the grass carpet enjoying the outdoors. There is also a bronze statue in the park, donated by the Taipei International Lions Club in 1998. The statue by famous sculptor Yang Bolin is called “Wings of Light,” and is a central figure in the green lawn.



Toward the southeastern corner of the park, a long covered corridor reminiscent of a Roman plaza rises to meet the eye. A sundial sits majestically in the center of the plaza, telling time through the natural movement of the sun. If sports and exercise are more your style, check out the fitness paths, the basketball courts or the skating rink. If you believe in Chinese foot massage superstitions, take your shoes off and take a slow, painful walk on the stone paths that are supposed to help heal various ailments affecting numerous other, completely unrelated parts of the body. In addition to the numerous plants and flowers arranged throughout the park, the fountains and sundial plaza fit together to create an atmosphere of beauty, leisure and relaxation.

No matter what age you are or what reasons you have for coming to the park, Meilun Park has everything you might expect from a park in terms of leisure facilities, sporting facilities, natural scenery and broad green lawns for simply lying around, flying kites or whatever you might want to do in a park on a Sunday afternoon, or any time. As living spaces become more and more crowded, a bit of nature hidden in the city provides a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of frantic, fast-paced city life.

Location:Shilin District, Meilun St. #190
Transportation:public utility bus(pub) 250, 263, 290, 302, 304, 601
Administering Dept.:Yangmingshan Park Administration service line:2861-6533