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2015 Yangmingshan Flower Festival

The Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2015 will take place between February 7 and March 15. In an unprecedented move, cherry blossom-themed paintings by virtuoso Japanese watercolorist GotoSumio will also be on display through March 15 as part of this year’s flower festival. Don’t miss it!
Name: Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2015
Date: February 7- March 15, 2015
Location: Yangming Park
How to get there:
1. MRT Tamsui Line
A.Shilin Station (change to Bus 260 and get off at the terminal stop)
B. Jiantan Station (change to Bus Red 5 and get off at the terminal stop)
C. Xinbeitou Station (change to Bus 230 and get off at the terminal stop)
2. Flower FestivalShuttle Service (available only on weekends/holidays)
A. Route 124: Yangmingshan 2nd parking lot (of Yangmingshan)Zhuzihu Police StationXiaoyoukeng
B. Route 125: Flower Clock  Yangmingshan
C. Route 127: MRT Jiantan Station   2nd parking lot
D. Route 130: 2nd parking lot  Flower Clock Yangmingshuwu (a.k.a, “Zhongxing Guesthouse”)
E. Route 131: 2nd parking lot   Flower Clock Yangmingshuwu Zhuzihu
3. Leisure Bus (available daily):
Buses No.108 (including shuttle), 109, 111, 128 and129
4. General Bus (available daily):
Buses No. 230, 260 (including shuttle and Flower Clock route), 303, 535, 681 and Red 5; and Minibuses 8, 9, 15, 25 and 26
5. Parking & Transfers
A.Bailing Senior-High SchoolandFulin Parkunderground car parks (transferbuses: Red 5, 109, 111, 126, 127 and 260 (including shuttle))
B. Parking tower of Taipei Veterans General Hospital (transferbuses: 128 and Minibus 8)