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The following activities are prohibited in parks under the provisions of Article 13 of the Taipei City Park Management Ordinance.
1. Littering or waste disposal of any kind.
2. Swimming, bathing, washing, fishing, releasing animals into the wild, boating, or other activities that pollute or poison the water, or do harm to plants or animals, in pools and lakes. This prohibition does not apply to boating and line fishing in officially designated areas.
3. Drying clothing or other articles.
4. Driving or riding vehicles without permission, or parking vehicles illegally.
5. Cultivating fruits, vegetables, or other plants without permission.
6. Setting up tables, chairs, boxes, cabinets, or structures of any kind without permission.
7. Using recreational facilities in ways that do not conform to the regulations and cause a threat to safety.
8. Riding bicycles, skating, skateboarding, or golfing in non-designated areas.
9. Bringing in pets or other animals without appropriate protective measures.
10. Writing, carving, or posting bills on park facilities or trees without permission.
11. Urinating, defecating, or other improper behaviors.
12. Vending, renting recreational equipment, or engaging in other profit-making activities without permission.
13. Harming plants, sod, or park facilities; digging up earth, stones, or sod; dumping construction waste; or destroying scenery.
14. Setting campfires, cooking, camping, lighting firecrackers, or erecting shelters or tents.
15. Making excessive noise or creating noise pollution that disturbs public tranquility.
16. Drinking, fighting, or carousing that violates public order.
17. Gambling or other behaviors that do harm to public morals.
18. Bringing in hazardous materials.
19. Doing damage to trees or plants.
20. Engaging in other prohibited or restricted activities as announced by the authorities for contagious disease prevention or park management.

Punitive Provisions
1.Violators of the provisions in Article 13, paragraphs 1-7, 10-16, or 20 shall be subject under Central Government law to a fine of NT$1,200 to NT$6,000.
2.Violators of the provisions in Article 13, paragraphs 8 or 9 shall be subject to a fine of NT$2,000 to NT$10,000. Those bringing savage animals into a park without an accompanying adult or without appropriate protective measures shall be subject to a fine of NT$20,000 to NT$100,000.
3.Violators of the provisions in Article 13, paragraphs 17 or 18 shall be turned over to the police.
4.Violators of the provisions in Article 13, paragraph 19, shall be required to pay compensation in accordance with the standards stipulated in the Taipei City Regulations Governing the Management and Maintenance of Roadside Trees. If protected trees are destroyed, however, the matter shall be handled in accordance with the Taipei City Management Ordinance for Tree Protection.
5.Those who feed birds or fowl in parks shall be subject to a fine of NT$1,200 to NT$6,000.